Vision Boards:  Helping You to Manifest Your New Reality

Vision Boards: Helping You to Manifest Your New Reality



You have the ability to change the frequency of your vibration.  This goes from the core of your being, to the quantum fields, up to the grand scale of the Universe.

One way to help to process along is to create artwork and surround yourself with it.  This artwork can be in harmony with the universe that you want to align with.


If you want to align with a loving, caring Universe, then vision boards that reflect this love would be a physical method to manifest this.

How to Make a Vision Board

You can create a collage of pictures of the things that you want in your life.  They can be put on a bulletin board or on a wall.  The key is for it to be in a place that you see on a regular basis.

This could be extended to multiple forms.  It could be in the form of posters or images on clothing.  It could be in the form of pins on Pinterest that you view on a regular basis.

Since the universe is a self-reflective feedback loop, each thought, action, and word feeds into creating a new reality.  Your future is truly in your hands.



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